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Is View Tax a Real Thing?

Beautiful Views in New HampshireYou won’t pay property tax on your signed first edition copies of Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” or “To The Lighthouse” in New Hampshire…but if your room has a view of one of New Hampshire’s Lighthouses the scenic view may very well be part of your overall property tax assessment. Yes, Virginia, there is a view tax (sort of). 

Many would argue that view tax is a real thing in New Hampshire, though it is referred to as the “contributory value of view” in the ASB manual. View tax is the term locals use when describing the assessment (and the informal name of the 2005 NH legislative bill). It isn’t a statewide standard tax, but local New Hampshire municipalities will factor in the value of scenic views and landscape when assessing property value. Property appraisers take a look at the overall value of a property including the size of the structure, age of the structure, the neighborhood, the view, and the selling price of comparable homes in the area to determine a fair market price of the land as required by New Hampshire state law. 

If you’re looking for a little governmental non-fictional reading to complement your antiquarian collection…downloading the ASB manual from the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration will shed a little more light on the subject. There are seven pages concerning the subject starting in section 5.3 on page 61. Four of the pages are mostly pictures with examples of land appraisals and the “contributory value of view” so it is essentially very light reading. But you will get the picture (pun intended). 

There are many beautiful homes in the Monadnock Region of Southern Vermont. We look forward to showing you some exceptional properties with lake views and homes with mountain views…or perhaps some extraordinary homes with less scenic vistas (for the frugal at heart). 

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