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The 8 Hottest Features Luxury Homebuyers Are Looking For In 2022

Smart Home TechnologyMany of the buyers in today's market aren't just looking to buy the average property. Today, buyers are wanting to spend their hard earned dollars on more luxurious features and eloquent upgrades. When buying a luxury home, most buyers are willing to invest a lot of money in these details. That's why it is important to know exactly what the buyer wants and to scour the market to find exactly what they are looking for. We've done some research on luxury market trends and found that these are the eight hottest luxury features in demand by luxury home buyers this year. 

  1. Technology: Finding a technologically advanced home is number one on the list of luxury features that this elite class of homebuyers is looking for. As technology continues to advance rapidly, it can be hard to keep up with the latest advancements. And although it can be costly, it's not impossible. Smart homes are on the rise and increase the home's security and convenience, offering features such as smart faucets, smart appliances, smart lighting, and so much more. But the cost can rise as the list of amenities grows. However, luxury home buyers are more than willing to make this "smart" investment. 
  2. Outdoor Living: Today, having an outdoor living space is in higher demand than ever before. Most luxury homebuyers are in the age of entertaining and what better way to enjoy a social soiree than next to an outdoor fireplace, complete with kitchen, stone ovens, and even audio systems. Even better when a pool or spa is added to this space. A place for outdoor activity is a must on the list of luxury features that homebuyers are looking for. 
  3. Charm: Luxury homebuyers are definitely looking for character when buying their next property. A first impression goes a long way, especially with this elite class of buyers. So a beautiful curb appeal is a must. But the WOW factor is most important when opening the door for the first time. If the home doesn't scream "luxury" at the moment you walk in, then this is not what the buyer is looking for. Little details speak high volumes. High ceilings, specialty flooring, or even a unique floorplan are all things that give the home personality. And when making such a significant investment, that is exactly what luxury homebuyers want. 
  4. Opulent Kitchens: Naturally, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And when buying a luxury home, this is one spot that cannot be ignored. Affluent kitchens will house features such as warming drawers, wine refrigerators, restaurant grade appliances, and plentiful storage. While these upgrades can prove to be costly, luxury homebuyers consider them an absolute must. 
  5. Gaming/Theater Rooms: Again, luxury homebuyers are craving the convenience of their creature comforts with an added flair for entertaining. It's already a no brainer that high dollar homes will have a dedicated movie room. However, in today's market, buyers are taking entertainment options to the extreme. They are adding full size basketball courts, sports bar style setups featuring cigar humidors and televisions, and yes, even adding indoor pools. Cost is rarely a concern when luxury homebuyers are looking for their perfect place to call home.
  6. Spa Style Bathrooms: Of course, a grandeur home requires a grandeur bathroom. As many luxury homebuyers are world class travelers, they've seen lavish lavatories and want to recreate that same feeling at home. These features include massively large walk-in showers with seating and high powered jet streams, heated floors, towel warmers, and of course a king sized, jacuzzi tub to relax after a long day. 
  7. Exercise Room: Most luxury homebuyers maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes a dedicated fitness regiment. Naturally, their homes should include dedicated space to accommodate this lifestyle without having to leave the comfort of home. Today, homebuyers are creating impressive gyms that have better features than some public gyms. The pinnacle of home gyms includes plenty of space, state of the art equipment, an out of this world sound system, flat screen televisions, and saunas. Some even include eucalyptus steam rooms for homeowners to have the luxury of sweating it out in the privacy of their homes. 
  8. Supreme Storage Space: A high priority for wealthy women (and men!) is a sacred place to store their extravagant possessions, such as high dollar shoes, bags, and furs. Both men and women seem to have a growing desire of having a dedicated space to dress and get ready for the day. That's why massive walk in closets and superlative storage space is imperative when checking off the list of must-have upgrades. Cedar lined shelves, endless shoe racks, top of the line lighting, and mirror surrounds are non negotiable for today's luxury homebuyers.

Regardless if you are buying new or remodeling to upgrade, it’s important to understand the main things that luxury buyers are looking for today. Our team at Halliday Real Estate are your Monadnock Region Real Estate Experts and can tour you through some of the most opulent and luxurious homes in the Monadnock area. View our most prestigious listings or contact a Halliday expert to find the luxury home that awaits you in the Southeastern New Hampshire area.

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