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Pros and Cons of Buying During the Summer

Summer LandscapingThere are advantages and disadvantages to buying a home during any season of the year. First and foremost our goal at Halliday Real Estate is to assist you in finding the perfect home for you (no matter the time of year). We want to help you find a property that will delight you and put a smile on your face for years to come. Here are some pros and cons of buying a home in the summer to consider as we move forward together in search of your little piece of domestic heaven in the Monadnock Region of Southeastern New Hampshire. 


More Homes to Choose: Traditionally there are a lot more homes on the market to choose from in the summer. This is definitely to your advantage. You may have even found the perfect home and made an offer only to discover you were outbid. No need to worry. There’s definitely another home for sale in New Hampshire with your name on it just waiting to be discovered. There are a lot of homes to choose from, and we’re here to help. 

New School Transition: For families with children the summertime can be a great time to buy a new home. The transition to a new school can always prove challenging. Choosing to buy a home and move your household during summer break allows your children to start the new school year on day one with the rest of the class. This simple choice can make the transition to a new school a little easier. 

The Great Outdoors: In the summertime, your odds of a casual outdoor encounter with a future neighbor working in their garden or swinging on the front porch and sipping on lemonade increase dramatically. It’s always a good idea to talk to some homeowners in the area and take a stroll through the neighborhood and you’ll have plenty of daylight in the summertime to do just that. Additionally, you can fully appreciate the landscaping of your future home and that of the entire neighborhood in the warm glow of the summer sun. 


Higher Home Prices: The summer is a popular time to shop and buy homes. This can drive up the price of homes as many buyers are looking and making offers on the same property. Choosing a buyer's agent from Halliday Real Estate is a wise decision. We are expert negotiators and our entire team is at your service when partnering with us. We will advise you on tailoring an offer to your advantage no matter the season. 

Higher Moving Prices: Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for moving. With increased demand higher prices follow. You will likely be paying top dollar to move your household during the summer. Scheduling the move can also prove difficult in the summer, as moving companies are very busy keeping up with the demand. A sensible customer will get multiple quotes and discover they can often save a little by scheduling midweek moves. The national average for a short distance under 100 mile move is $1,250 while a long distance move is in the neighborhood of $5,000. 

We look forward to helping you find your perfect home in Southeastern New Hampshire. Contact Halliday Real Estate today!

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