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Tips to Maximize Your Small Home Office Space

Small Home Office SpaceWorking from home is the new normal for workers with jobs that can be performed remotely. And while many offices are reopening, surveys show most employees prefer to work from home. Savvy businesses recognize the preference and have been offering flexible hybrid schedules to retain employees and attract new talent. 

Working from home comes with variables that need to be addressed, including the importance of creating an effective home office space. Keeping your home office space organized and efficient is essential. It will keep you productive, and maintain trust and respect from clients and the main office. Whether you are creating a new home office space or looking for ways to improve your current space, here are some ways to make the most out of your small home office. 

The floating desk: Wall mounted furniture, such as a floating desk, is a great way to make use of a small home office space. If you don’t have a dedicated room to use for your home office a floating desk is also a great choice. You can claim a section of the living room or a hallway in your home by mounting a small and understated floating desk to the wall. It is an elegant solution in either situation (though mounting the desk to a wall in the living room or hallway will require a little additional attention to create a distraction free working space). 

The freestanding desk: Commercial office desks take up a lot of space. A compact desk or a writing desk is a very functional freestanding desk option to make the most out of your small home office. The majority of people work from laptops or tablets in our current business climate. A large desk is not necessary. The smaller desks provide more than enough space to accommodate the devices, necessary paperwork, and a cup of coffee. 

 Monitor arm or stand: If you are using a desktop computer and monitor you can preserve some of that valuable desk space with a monitor stand. Alternatively, attaching your monitor to a monitor arm mounted to the wall will free up the desk surface almost completely, and give you a little extra freedom of movement for staging video call conferences. 

Vertical storage: You can save a lot of space by building storage spaces vertically. Whether you are purchasing freestanding storage or having custom wall units installed you will want to utilize the full height of your office walls. 

Distraction-free space: A distraction free environment is crucial when planning a small home office space. Having a dedicated room with a door you can close is ideal. When a separate room is not available you can get creative by introducing a room divider to maintain a little privacy and prevent distractions. Filing cabinets, bookcases, and freestanding panel room dividers are all clever ways to create distraction free space. A lightweight foldable panel divider can function quite well to prevent distractions during the work day and be put away when it’s time for evening activities. 

Quiet space: You can level out some background noise and focus on the task at hand by use of a portable fan or white noise machine. Noise-canceling headphones are great to have on hand for noisier environments. 

Cable management: If most of your devices are wireless you won’t have many cables to organize, but there will be some cables. It is important to keep all your cables organized and in order. A cord management system is an inexpensive way to keep your cords organized and keep your space tidy and efficient. 

Paper: Paper takes up space. The more paper you use during your daily office tasks the more space you will need to store the paper. Enjoy the space saving features of the digital age. By choosing to receive and pay bills online, and maintaining digital documents (rather than paper) your physical storage requirements will remain much smaller. You can use your vertical storage space for more important effects like a paper shredder! 

Less is more: Take your cue from the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who made the phrase “less is more” popular in the 1940s. Remove everything from your office that is not needed to perform the task at hand. Get rid of unwanted furniture and useless clutter. Keep your office supplies organized in drawers with dividers, and keep them put away when they aren’t in use. You will create a clutter-free and distraction-free environment fit for architectural royalty. Less is more! 

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